Department of Materials and Chemistry

Contributing to industrial competitiveness enhancement by synergistic interaction between materials and chemical technologies

We are developing technologies to enhance added value of functional chemicals, and to realize practical use of new materials, with strengthening value chains of materials through synergistic interaction between materials and chemical technologies in mind. Thus, we are aiming to contribute to the primary materials and chemical industries.


New Research Results

Confirmation of the Biodegradability of Super Growth Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

By utilizing the characteristic of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) that absorbs near-infrared light, AIST has developed a technique to measure the amount change of CNT inside of macrophage cells over time. After super-growth single-walled CNTs (SG-CNTs) were administered and internalized into macrophage cells, the cells were lysed and the amount of SG-CNTs in the lysate was measured. The results showed that the intracellular amount of SG-CNTs decreased over time and that SG-CNT is biodegradable.


Conceptual diagram of CNT biodegradation in a macrophage

Synthesis of Diverse Mesoporous Materials by Controlling the Reactivity of Starting Chemicals

An organic-inorganic hybrid mesoporous material with stable and hydrophilic surfaces was synthesized by controlling the reactivity through partial substitution of the four ester groups in 1,4-benzenephosphonate ester with low-reactive hydroxyl groups. The introduction of benzene rings enabled the addition of amino groups and sulfonate groups. In addition, it was possible to create diverse mesoporous materials with hydrophilic surfaces that can be modified through substitution of aluminum with titanium and vanadium.


Research Unit

Research Institute for Sustainable Chemistry
Research Institute for Chemical Process Technology
Nanomaterials Research Institute
Inorganic Functional Materials Research Institute
Structural Materials Research Institute
Interdisciplinary Research Center for Catalytic Chemistry
CNT-Application Research Center
Research Center for Computational Design of Advanced Functional Materials
Magnetic Powder Metallurgy Research Center

Other research organizations

Research Laboratory

  • Adhesion and Interfacial Phenomena Research Laboratory

Open Innovation Laboratory

Since FY 2016, as a part of the “Open Innovation Arena concept” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), AIST has created the concept of “open innovation laboratories” (OILs), collaborative research bases located on university campuses, and has been engaged in their provision. We are planning to establish more than ten OILs by FY 2020.

AIST will merge the basic research carried out at universities, etc. with AIST?s goal-oriented basic research and applied technology development, and will promote bridging research and evelopment and industry by the establishment of OILs.

  • AIST-UTokyo Advanced Operando-Measurement Technology Open Innovation Laboratory (OPERANDO-OIL)
  • AIST-TohokuU Mathematics for Advanced Materials Open Innovation Laboratory (MathAM-OIL)

Cooperative Research Laboratories

In order to conduct research and development more closely related to strategies of companies, we have established collaborative research laboratories, bearing partner company names.

Partner companies provide their researchers and funding, and AIST provides research resources, such as its researchers, research facilities, and intellectual property. The loaned researchers of companies and AIST researchers jointly conduct research and development.

By setting up cooperative research laboratories, we will accelerate the commercialization of our goal-oriented basic research and application research with partner companies.

  • NGK SPARK PLUG – AIST Healthcare?Materials Cooperative Research Laboratory
  • YAZAKI-AIST Next-generation Connecting Technology Cooperative Research Laboratory
  • UACJ-AIST Cooperative Research Laboratory for Aluminum Advanced Technology
  • VALQUA-AIST Cooperative Research Laboratory for Advanced Functional Materials

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